Keep Track Of Your Belongings With iKeepTrack For iPhone/iPod touch

A new utility app was recently released that allows users to easily track their belongings when they are borrowed by others or by the user themselves. In other words, if you lend out supplies or even borrow items from friends, check out iKeepTrack!

iKeepTrack by Normann Joseph

iKeepTrack is a simple app that features a clean interface for users to track their borrowed items. The app is divided into four sections: Lent, Borrowed, History, User.

When an item needs to be entered into the app, users first choose whether someone is borrowing the item from you or if you are lending the item to someone else. For example, if you were to lend a book to someone, tapping on “Lend” allows user to input the item being given as a description, who the item is being given to (with Address Book support), and when to set an alert.

Once confirmed, the item and the borrowers name are dropped into the “User” function which provides a list of users and their borrowed items  at a glance. When checking out a users borrowing profile, there are additional options to contact the person by email or return the item if it has been given back.

The app is amazingly simple and yet so helpful if you lend and borrow items with friends and family. There are a lot of neat uses for the app but I am hoping to see an update soon to expand the list of borrowed items or allow users to manually input different items to be borrowed beyond simply a description field.

You can check out iKeepTrack in the App Store for $0.99.