The Must Have Internet Radio iPhone App: AccuRadio

There have been lots of Internet radio apps for the iPhone. We’ve covered: FlyCast, CBC Radio, Slacker Radio, and Astral Radio to name a few. These apps are great, but there’s one Internet radio app that has reigned supreme: AccuRadio. This gem is free, requires no sign up, has tonnes of genres, and offer unlimited skips, plays in background on iOS 4, and can be streamed to your car via Bluetooth. Win.

AccuRadio is a new FREE Internet radio app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that features HUNDREDS of great-sounding, well-programmed music channels — rock, pop, jazz, country, bluegrass, Broadway, reggae, classical music, and more — that you can CUSTOMIZE to your tastes. Now with a new user interface for the iPad!

AccuRadio gets you started with an easy-to-use, click-and-listen interface. Then, once you’ve launched your desired channel, AccuRadio’s unique personalization approach lets you customize the artists you’ll hear via a simple on/off switch.

Also, AccuRadio features unlimited skips… And it’s 100% free!

Stream AccuRadio in your car and you’ll have access to almost ten times as many music channels as satellite radio offers, you’ll gain the ability to skip songs and customize your stream, and you’ll have no monthly subscription fees.

Genres available:
* Magic Sunny Lite Mix (adult-contemporary)
* Future Perfect Radio (indie rock)
* Reggae Wonderland
* AccuJazz (mainstream/modern jazz)
* Smooth Jazz
* Hey, Hey, We’re the Sixties (oldies)
* Swingin’ Pop Standards
* And more!

New since version 1.4:

* iOS4 Compatibility
* AccuRadio will now play in the background, on devices that support background apps!
* Lock-screen controls can control AccuRadio on iOS4 devices

I discovered AccuRadio when I noticed my friend Danny was streaming audio to his GTI via Bluetooth from his iPhone. I asked what app he was using and he said AccuRadio. The quality over Bluetooth and 3G was excellent. Unlimited skips, album art, amazing genre mixes and more make for the best free Internet radio app you can get. There are over 480 customizable music channels, plus you can add favourites.

AccuRadio runs in the background on iOS 4 devices, plus you can control it from you lockscreen/multitasking bar, just like controlling the iPod app. I’ve heard songs on AccuRadio stations that I haven’t heard in years. You can enable higher quality audio, and even prevent Auto Lock from turning off your screen. There are toggles to turn on/off specific artists, and you can ‘ban’ artists from playing as the songs appear.

There are commercials, but they are short one liners. You won’t even notice them. For music fans, AccuRadio will satisfy your needs. This app will bring new life to your iDevice speaker dock.

Click here to download AccuRadio and let me know what you think.

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