Point Inside Navigation Maps Updated With Wish List Feature

Point Inside is a popular navigation application that made its debut on the iPhone platform. The app started as a shopping mall navigator and over the last year, has been updated to feature navigation of various Canadian Airports.

With the previous updates, Point Inside now includes support for various Airports in Canada and an extensive 250,000+ stores, kiosks and other points of interest across North America.

On the shopping front, malls that have levels are detailed within the app, as well as the stores and mall amenities available on a specific level. The mall maps are also high-resolution and interactive, allowing users to tap on any store name and see more information. This same level of interactivity has been expanded to the Airport update.

Other great app features include offline functionality, integration with Google Maps to locate the nearest mall/Airport to a users location, and the ability to record the location of the user’s parked car.

More recently, Point Inside has been updated again with a new Wish List feature. The Wish List, which works hand-in-hand with the shopping mall feature of the app, is like having your own gift registry for any store in any mall.

With the Wish List feature, users can easily make note of wanted items in a specific store and further share the list with friends and family. Users simply use the Point Inside app to scan the item with an iPhone, add it to the Wish List and then post it to Facebook for friends and family to see.

You can check out Point Inside for free in the App Store.