Future Of MobileMe To Stream Data From Individual Computers, Not The Web?

Today, The Loop issued some thoughts on the recently rumored MobileMe overhaul.

The opinion is that instead of using a cloud-based strategy to share and access files via MobileMe, Apple may instead opt to use MobileMe as the “brains” of a service that accesses the user’s computer for hosting media and content.

Instead of trying to provide everyone with cloud storage, I believe Apple will use MobileMe as the brain of the cloud service. The actual storage will be on our individual machines. In effect, in the cloud.

The article suggests that this type of personal cloud setup will include audio and video, but also files and documents, that further include a syncing service to allow changes on any device to be reflected across all machines.

The article also doubts that MobileMe will become a completely free service, as has been rumored in the past.


[The Loop]