How To: Change Personal Hotspot’s Broadcast Name (SSID) On iPhone 4

With iOS 4.3, Apple launched Personal Hotspot, a new iPhone 4 feature that enables users to share their iPhone’s 3G data connection with up to five other Internet-connected devices.

To turn on Personal Hotspot on your iPhone 4, just go to Settings > Personal Hotspot. Then on your other Internet-connected devices, find your iPhone 4 broadcast name and connect.

The name of the network (SSID) in this case will be the name of the iPhone 4, for example “Mark’s iPhone 4” will be seen on your other devices as an available network device. But what if you want to change that name? Easy!

To change the Personal Hotspot broadcast name of your iPhone 4, do the following:

1.) Plug your iPhone 4 into your computer and turn on iTunes.

2.) When the iPhone 4 shows up in iTunes on the left side under “Devices“, click the iPhone 4 once, pause, and then click again. You can now edit the name of your iPhone. Note: If you have other easy ways of editing the iPhone 4 name, you can use that!

3.) Change the name of the iPhone 4 and click select “Sync“. Done!