bitBulletin: Native Forums Browser For iPhone + Giveaway

If you browse a lot of forums on your iPhone, or other iOS devices, you know the experience can sometimes be difficult. While some sites have forums that are designed with a mobile theme, other sites require constant pinching, zooming and aligning of the pages.


A better way to keep all of your forums organized and collected in one place is to use an app, specifically bitBulletin. bitBulletin is a native forums browser for iOS devices that enables users to browse forums using a user-friendly iOS theme.

The app further enables users to easily create threads, new posts, and replies without any custom scripts on the server side. The developers of the app, ArianeSoft Inc., indicate that the app allows access to “almost any vBulletin v3.x + 4.x, phpBB v2.x + v3.x and IPBoard v2.x + v3.x forums.”

Within the app, bitBulletin has a convenient tabs feature that stores multiple open forum sessions for quick access. Users can also save favorites and, if needed, the integrated web browser expands the flexibility of the app. Users can also share posts via such services as Instapaper, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Pinboard, Read It Later, Tumblr, and of course, Email.

The app also has an upcoming update that will include the following free features:

  • myBB forums
  • Private Messaging
  • Account setup
  • Tabs history
  • A bigger list of supported sites
  • Ability to delete posts

bitBulletin is available in the App Store for $6.99.

The Giveaway!

Today I have FIVE copies of bitBulletin to giveaway to readers!

Throughout the day, I will drop the five promo codes into the comments section below. Be the first to get one to win!