Financial Management With Saver For iPhone

Saver for iPhone is a great financial management tool and is very useful for tracking your expenses (like all those App Store purchases)! With a great user interface, and included password-protection, Saver works very well as a finance tool.

As hinted, Saver helps you track where your money goes every month by putting all of your expenses in one place.

The app enables you to set budgets and choose from 15 useful categories to set those budgets. You can also specify entries with built-in or custom tags and further attach notes and photos for more information.

If you have a lot of budgets to track, Saver has a great search function where results can be filtered and sorted.

Saver also allows you to view spending history per week, month, or the year and further provides a great visual tool of your expenses with a graph-report.

Saver is available in the App Store for $2.99.