Go To The USA To Fill Up Gas? Use Gas Runner For iPhone

Do you fill your gas tank in the USA, finding that it can be cheaper to fill up down south than in Canada? If so, Gas Runner for iPhone can be a great resource!

In the never ending battle of rising gas prices, some savvy Canadians have jumped the border to fill up their tanks. But before deciding to drive south, it’s good to know how much you’ll actually be saving.

Gas Runner, developed by a local Vancouverite, is a great resource app for those who buy gas south of the border. The app enables users to input the American pump price in dollars/gallon and Gas Runner calculates the equivalent Canadian cents/litre.

Since Gas Runner deals with multiple currencies, the current exchange rate is updated via the web. However if you have no Internet connection, you may manually input the exchange rate.

If you frequently head south for gas, Gas Runner could be helpful.

Gas Runner is available on the App Store for $0.99.

One More Thing…

The developer, Jamie Fraser, has kindly provided us with 25 promo codes to download Gas Runner for free. If you’re interested, the codes will be listed below throughout the day.

Please kindly let us know via the comments below if you use the code so that I can update this post. Thank you!

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