Do You Think Your iPhone 4 Is ‘4G’?

Do you think your iPhone 4 is “4G”? Because 34% of iPhone users surveyed by Retrevo think so! I’ll admit, I was rather surprised at first read that someone could mixup iPhone 4 with 4G, but when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. People simply think the “4” in iPhone “4” means “4G”.

Maybe the “4” in the iPhone 4 name gives iPhone owners (34%) the false impression that they already own a 4G phone but the fact is Apple doesn’t offer a 4G phone at the moment. Coincidentally, a suspiciously large percentage of Android and BlackBerry owners may be suffering from the same delusion.

This survey goes to show that there are a large number of misinformed owners out there, as consumers seem to be confused about what 4G is. To make matters worse, the wireless carriers across North America are using the term “4G” to represent their networks. These days, “4G” is being applied to LTE (Long Term Evolution) and even HSPA+ wireless networks, even though these “4G” networks are not delivering true 4G speeds.

As for the iPhone and Apple, there is no expectation that Apple will release a LTE-supported device this year and will instead continue to support HSPA+. While HSPA+ support is not technically “4G”, the wireless carriers continue to advertise it as 4G.

Be honest. Do you, or anyone you know, think their iPhone 4 is “4G” because of the “4” in iPhone?

*Thanks Billy