Mirror Read Neuroscience Stimulates Your Brain With Your iPhone

From an independent gaming company in Montreal comes a Canadian app called “Mirror Read”. As the name implies, the app challenges users to “mirror read” or read backwards.

The app is a bundle of original word games and a special eBook that exposes users to the innovations in Mirror Read neuroscience.

While it may be challenging to read backwards (the initial use of the app was definitely difficult), I found it interesting to learn that reading mirror-reversed text is actually used as a measure to assess spatial transformation skills and as a test of procedural memory in Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s patients.

Research reveals that mirror reading practice makes cortex in right-brain regions not associated with regular reading. Developed as 3 research tools, these original games offer players a chance to flex their mental rotation skills, and support innovative science.

Once you launch the app, Mirror Read includes the following four areas:

1.) Headline News Game

The headline area of the app allows you to read recent articles in world news, business, entertainment, sports or technology. The tricky part is that the articles are all backwards! So you’ll have to challenge yourself to read the latest news!

2.) Backword Scramble Game

The backword scramble game is where most users will spend most of their time. This is a classic word-find game with a twist where letters and rules are flipped.

You are presented with a set a backward letters where the objective is to create as many words as you can, organizing them from right to left instead of left to right!

3.) Mirror Read eBook

Mirror Read includes the first ever of a suite of Mirror Read eBooks for children: “Mr. Puff and Mr. Peeve: The Double-Sided Dog.”

As you may have guessed, the eBook text is entirely reversed letting users either use a mirror to read the book together or challenges themselves to read it without a mirror.

4.) Mirror Read Messaging

The messaging area allows you to create a personalized message which is then reversed and sent to your recipient.

While Mirror Read is not necessarily a gaming app, it does provide you with an interesting set of healthy challenges that you would normally not encounter.

Mirror Read is available in the App Store for $0.99.