Prepare For Your Driving Test With Canadian Driving Tests For iPhone

Are you about to take your driving test? Or maybe you just need to brush up on the rules of the road. In either case, the Canadian Driving Tests app for iPhone will help you to prepare and to learn!

The Canadian Driving Tests app is a great resource to learn the rules, signs and laws of the road to pass provincial Canadian driving tests. To help you, the app features more than 3200 province-specific questions and answers covering both signs and rules in a user-friendly test format.

The questions in the app can be presented as the entire batch of 3200+ questions with one question after another or in a standard test format. When you use the test format, the questions are randomly generated to ensure a unique testing environment.

While you can always purchase, usually at $15 or more, the standard driving handbook from your specific province, this app costs $1.99 and includes the official handbooks for every province and territory. Plus, you can use your iPhone to study!

Canadian Driving Tests is available in the App Store for $1.99.

Note: Please note that this app is for general information purposes only. The app is not intended to be relied upon in any dispute, claim, action, proceeding or for legal advice. For official law descriptions and administrative centers, please consult your respective provincial or territory body.