Lost iPhone Prototype Update: SFPD Wants Security Footage from Bar

Here’s a minor update to part two of the ‘lost’ iPhone prototype in a bar. It now appears the SFPD has requested the surveillance footage from Cava 22, where the apparent prototype went missing, as part of their internal investigation, reports CNET:

Jose Valle, whose family owns Cava 22, a popular bar-restaurant in the city’s Mission District, told CNET Friday that officers from the San Francisco Police Department visited the bar about a week ago and left a message that they wanted to see his surveillance video from July 21 and 22 as part of their lost iPhone case. Valle said he has the video and has since tried to connect with investigators but that they have yet to follow up.

The owner of Cava 22 stated he has six cameras installed inside his restaurant with stills snapped roughly every three minutes, but certain dark areas might prove difficult for investigators.

Apple has not filed a police report over the incident, so the SFPD will have a difficult time gathering details on the apparent lost prototype.

Originally, the phone was lost but the SFPD denied any involvement, only to later admit their officers escorted and allowed Apple investigators to search the house of Sergio Calderon, who has yet to even file a police report over the incident.

Given the rumoured October 4th media event to take place on Apple’s Cupertino campus early next week, this story right now is pretty much dead in the water.