Should You Buy the iPhone 4S or Wait for ‘iPhone 5’? [POLL]

So, after months of speculation of a what to expect from the ‘iPhone 5’, all we are received today was the iPhone 4S. In my predictions post leading up to the ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event, I mentioned you would be disappointed based on your expectations, and also the fact Apple didn’t really need to introduce a new design.

Whatever happened to those teardrop design rumours? The concept images? The leaked cases in China? All of that is out the window, because right now it’s all about the iPhone 4S. It’s here, and it’s real. Finally.

The biggest question on the mind of many existing iPhone 4 users is…should I buy the iPhone 4S? Here’s what I would do based on the following scenarios, to help you out. Hope this helps. 🙂

You Should Buy the iPhone 4S If…

  • You own an iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS
  • You’ve never owned a smartphone, or iPhone
  • Your contract is about to expire
  • Need 1080p HD video recording with stabilization and an industry-leading 8MP camera with incredible low light capabilities
  • The iPhone 4 camera is not good enough for you
  • You need the latest Apple iPhone
  • You are currently using an unlocked iPhone 4 and are itching to upgrade. Sell it used on Craigslist, then pay the difference for another unlocked iPhone 4S from Apple
  • You love talking to yourself and are dying to try Siri
  • You have been waiting your entire life for a revolutionary, futuristic voice-navigation system
  • Money ‘ain’t no thang’ and you enjoy spending frivolously
  • Your friends are suggesting you buy a Blackberry, Android, or Windows phone
  • All your friends are buying one, and you own a Blackberry
  • You own a Blackberry

You Should Not Buy the iPhone 4S If…

  • You are happy with your iPhone 4, the most popular cellphone in Canada.
  • You’ll be content with the new features coming in iOS 5
  • You’re fresh into a three year contract
  • You can’t get out of your three year contract
  • You don’t mind the sluggishness of your iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS
  • You want your next phone to have a new design
  • The economy is on your mind and you want to save some money
  • You don’t care to have the latest and greatest iPhone
  • You’re patient enough to wait for the next iPhone, most likely a re-designed model
  • You have the ability to avoid when you’re bored
  • You have self control from Apple’s great, phenomenal, amazing, brilliant marketing.
  • Your phone is already the best out of your circle of friends

Are you going to buy the iPhone 4S? Vote below, and share your reasons for either buying or skipping the iPhone 4S in the comments!

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