Rogers Voice and Data Plans Are Now Available on Monthly Terms

Normally Rogers voice and data plans require users to sign on up to 1-3 year contracts but that has now changed. A new memo released by Rogers reads: (via MobileSyrup)

Rogers is pleased to announce that all Voice and Data plans are now available on monthly as well as 3 year terms! Customers can now bring in their own device and activate one of our great voice and data plans without committing to a 3 year term. Alternatively, customers can purchase a smartphone device from Rogers at the full no-term price and activate on a monthly version of one of these plans.

Please note that monthly terms are also available on all MY10 promo plans, which was communicated on Dec. 6th, 2011.

The plans eligible for iPhone users based on the image are:

Monthly cost: $52.75/$62.75/$72.75
Minutes included: 200/300/500
Evenings and Weekends: 6PM
Data included: 500MB

You will most likely need to pay extra for caller ID, voicemail, and texting.

With the plethora of users purchasing unlocked iPhones directly from Apple, these plans are great for those looking to go contract free. However, the final cost might be the same as your 3 year term, plus you won’t get a subsidized iPhone. Hey, but there is a price to pay for freedom right?

My Plan for my Unlocked iPhone 4S

Lots of you have inquired about my situation, with my unlocked iPhone 4S. Previously I was upset with Rogers and their inconsistent training for their retentions agents, but I managed to run into an amazing CSR from Vancouver after a third call a few days later. He was able to produce a decent retentions plan:

350 daytime minutes
6pm evenings and weekends
My10 – Canada wide
Unlimited texting
Caller ID/Voicemail
6GB data
$35 Hardware upgrade fee waived
$63.19 + taxes, 3 year contract

Yes, I ended up signing a 3 year contract and also purchased a 16GB iPhone 4S for the subsidized $159 price (it was $209…but you need to fill out the $50 rebate online). I was able to walk into Future Shop and pick up my phone there (I called ahead to check stock). Coincidentally, it was the Black Friday weekend and I qualified for a $50 Future Shop gift card!

With my locked Rogers phone, I flipped it on Craigslist for $650, netting a profit of $450. Divide that by 36 months and my monthly plan works out to $50.69+taxes per month. As for traveling, that’s not an issue as my iPhone 4S is unlocked and WiFi is literally everywhere nowadays, plus iMessage rocks.

The only way to get a cheaper plan nowadays is to negotiate with retentions, and bite the bullet on a 3 year term. At least with unlocked iPhones directly from Apple that means no more dealing with Rogers ‘drama’ to get your phone the day of launches.

How has your luck been with dealing with retentions departments?

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