Flipboard Introduces Region Specific Content Guides for Canada and More

Flipboard yesterday launched three new Content Guides that are localized to Australia, Canada and the UK and Ireland. Support for the iPhone arrived last December, and recently Flipboard added a dedicated section to ‘iPhoneography’.

Flipboard detects which region the iPad/iPhone is set to and automatically provides the location specific content. If you wish to revert back to the default content guide, then simply change your devices region back to United States.

When my device region is set to Canada, local and national news sources appear such as The Globe and Mail, CBC News, and La Presse. When set back to the U.S., we get the default:

And from the UK version of Flipboard, you get updates from top UK news sites such as BBC news, The Guardian and The Telegraph:


Soon, this feature will be built right into Flipboard in an future update.