Temple Run for iOS: Get Your Indiana Jones On [Video Review]

It’s a common theme for treasure hunting adventures–find the treasure, then make a mad dash all while trying to not only stay alive, but get out with the prize.

Imangi Studios brings this scene to life with Temple Run for your iOS devices. However, it’s not just one of those endless running games, it’s the best of the lot. The goal is to survive as long as you can while racking up the highest score possible.

You’re in control of the hero, trying to escape what looks like zombie monkeys all while trying to avoid numerous pitfalls.

The controls are simple. Swipe left or right to turn the runner in either direction. Swipe up to jump and down to slide. You can even tilt your device from side to side to make your hero lean in either direction.

Sounds simple right? Wrong. As you get further and further into your run, you speed up.this really tests your reflexes as the obstacles come at you a lot faster.

Along the way you also collect coins. Not only do they increase your score, You can use them to buy power ups. From angel wings, to invisibility, the power ups help keep you alive longer. There are also plenty of objectives to try to accomplish.

Temple Run is free in the App Store, but you can buy more coins to get your power ups a lot faster. Take a look at my video review for a look at all the hands-on action.

YouTube video

This is a hugely popular game. On GameCenter right now there are scores for more than 26 million players. This isn’t a graphically intense game, or a game that takes a lot of thought or time to play. But it offers a real challenge and has a ton of replay value – making Temple Run very addictive.

Don’t believe me? Try it out. You’ll be hooked. For the low price of free, there’s no reason not to give this game a try. But be warned, you may not want to put it down. My best score right now is 4,142,644 — I can’t reach that 5-million points objective.

What’s your best score? Let me know. Oh, and if you want to add me on GameCenter, my name is KMPhotographer.

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