New “Bump Pay” App Combines Bump with PayPal


The creators of Bump, the popular app that allows you to bump 2 iPhones together to exchange information, have just launched a new app that combines the technology of the Bump app, with the easy payment system, PayPal. The new app is called Bump Pay.

Setting up the app is as simple as just logging into your PayPal account. Then to send a payment, just set the Bump app to “Send”, type in the amount, and “bump” it with another iPhone that has the app installed and set to “Receive”. PayPal takes care of the rest.


Stop writing checks or messing with cash, and settle up with friends on the spot by simply bumping phones together. From the creators of the Bump app, now you can easily send and receive money in person with anyone who has a PayPal account. No typing!

  • * NO SETUP: Bump Pay uses your existing PayPal account.
  • * SECURE: You will have to enter your PayPal password in order to send a payment. Each payment is handled and securely processed by PayPal.
  • * FREE: Bump Pay is free. If you have your PayPal account linked to a checking account, the entire transaction is free.

Bump Pay is not yet available in the Canadian App Store, so you’ll have to use a US account to download it. It is completely free. We have no information on when this may be fully supported in Canada, but we’ll keep you updated.

Download Bump Pay from the US App Store, here: Bump Pay

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