TweetBot Updated to 2.2 with iCloud Integration

TweetBot has been updated to 2.2 to include some new features such as iCloud integration. What this new feature does is sync versions of TweetBot across your iPhone and iPad. Synced items would include mute filters, DM read status, and timeline positions. All you need to do is be signed into iCloud and enabled the sync within Settings in TweetBot. It’s a great feature if you’re a twitter addict and use your iPhone and iPad as part of your workflow to follow tweets. Other nice tweaks include previews of iTunes and YouTube links in your timeline.

What’s New in Version 2.2
– iCloud Integration (Must be logged into iCloud)
– Mute filters synced across instances of Tweetbot
– DM read status synced across all instances of Tweetbot when iCloud is selected for Sync
– Timeline positions are synced across all instances of Tweetbot that have iCloud selected for Sync
– Better handling of iTunes links along with thumbnail previews
– Youtube links provide thumbnail previews
– Fixed iPad retina image preview in the tweet detail
– Pinch to close image view on iPad
– Bug fixes

TweetBot is $2.99 in the App Store.