Text Editing Made Easy In iOS with SlideWriter

Editing text in iOS can be frustrating at times. Although, the iPhone community rejoiced when cut/copy/paste finally came to iOS, it is still not the most elegant way to handle editing on a small touch screen. A new app called “SlideWriter” is coming to the App Store to make it a bit easier to see what your editing.

SlideWriter for iOS lets you quickly move the cursor or select text by sliding your finger above the keyboard.  It makes editing text faster and much easier than tapping and holding for every edit.

It does not require a jailbreak, all functions of the built-in keyboard stay intact including splitting the keyboard.

If you want it, let us know – @SlideWriter

Check out the demo video, and see if it’s something you’d be interested in:

YouTube video

There hasn’t really been any other info released on this app, so we don’t know when it might be available in the App Store. This looks like it could solve the issue of not really being able to see the text you’re trying the select. If you want to see this app released, let the developer know, by mentioning them on Twitter: @SlideWriter.

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