Aaron Sorkin To Pen Screenplay For Film Based on Isaacson’s Steve Jobs Biography

Sony Pictures announced today, that Aaron Sorkin, Academy Award winning writer of The Social Network’s screenplay, will adapt Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography into a screenplay.

Sony’s take on the life of Steve Jobs will be different than the movie currently being filmed, titled “Jobs: Get Inspired”. The indie movie in production right now, stars Ashton Kutcher as a young Steve Jobs, and is rumoured to focus on the early years of Jobs’ life. Sony’s film will be an adaptation of the biography written by Walter Isaacson last year.

There were rumours flying last year that Sony was going to pick this up, and that Sorkin would be the man to adapt the book into a screenplay. Today, these rumours were confirmed. At the time, it was also rumoured that the likes of George Clooney and Noah Wiley were in the running to play the iconic tech pioneer. Sony has not announced any casting information for their upcoming Steve Jobs film.

With “Jobs: Get Inspired” already under production, they are likely to beat Sony’s film to the box office. Wether this will hurt ticket sales or not, is debatable. Sorkin’s adaptation of “The Social Network” won numerous awards, and I expect Sony’s Steve Jobs film will be billed, as such.

[via AppleInsider]