Performance Tests: Retina Display MacBook Pro Maxed Out Specs [Video]

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or are subscribed to my YouTube channel, you know I just recently got a new MacBook Pro. I’d been using a mid-2007 17″ MBP so it was time for an upgrade. So I saved up for a couple of years, and following WWDC I pulled the trigger on one of the new retina display MBP’s.

Since I plan to use it for another 4-5 years I maxed it out spec wise. Yup, the i7 2.7GHz processor with 16GB of RAM and 768GB of Flash Storage. So this didn’t come cheap.

I know some of you may be on the fence whether to upgrade your current computer, so I thought I’d run through some of the performance test results, just to give you a better idea of how it compares to what you may be using.

Here are the tests I ran in the video.

Here’s my video showing you the results, and comparing them to my 2007 MacBook Pro.

YouTube video

So lets review the results and compare them to some other MBR and iMac results.

Geekbench 2

  • Mid 2012 i7 2.7GHz MBP Retina 15″ (my result 12295)
  • Mid 2012 i7 2.7GHz MBP Retina 15″ (average result 12203)
  • Mid 2012 i7 2.3GHz MBP 15″ (10810)
  • Late 2011 i7 2.4GHz MBP 15″ (10360)
  • Mid 2012 i5 2.5GHz MBP 13″ (6690)
  • Late 2011 i5 2.4GHZ MBP 13″ (6049)
  • Mid 2011 i7 3.4GHz iMac 27″ (11648)
  • Mid 2011 i7 2.8GHz iMac 21.5″ (10248)

For the results of other Apple computers you can check out EveryMac or the Primate Labs Blog.

Not counting the Mac Pro’s, the new retina display MacBook Pro’s are very impressive and are now at the top, performance wise for Apple computers. Of course we have to remember, the iMac’s aren’t using the new Ivy Bridge processors yet.

For me the decision to upgrade was easy. I’d been using my old MBP for nearly 5 years, and for video editing it was really starting to lag. I will have a full review of the new retina display MBP in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that, and let me know what results you’re getting on your laptops and desktops.

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