Rogers, Bell and Telus: iPhone 5 Pre-Orders on September 14th [Update]

With the announcement of the iPhone 5, Apple noted pre-orders would start on September 14th on They also confirmed Rogers, Telus, Bell, Fido, Koodo and Virgin would also be the LTE carriers in Canada for the new thinner and lighter iPhone.

After contacting Rogers and Bell (Telus has yet to confirm), they confirmed iPhone 5 pre-orders would be available this Friday, September 14th, the same date as Apple’s pre-orders for factory unlocked units (click here for unlocked iPhone 5 pricing).

Rogers said pre-orders would once again be available via their Rogers Reservation System, while Bell said pre-orders would take place both in-store and online.

Rogers confirmed yesterday existing 3G data plans would be automatically switched over to LTE by the end of September. They also noted they would not be charging to switch over to the new nano SIM, which the iPhone 5 uses.

It’s a given Telus will also offer pre-orders online, as a previously published page on their website indicated it would be possible.

As for carrier upgrade pricing, we’re assuming once again it will stay the same as last year’s iPhone 4S. Today’s iPhone 5 upgrade pricing for the USA was the same as last year, so we can’t see this changing for Canada either. Stay tuned!

Update: Looks like iPhone 5 landing pages have started to go live