TELUS to Permanently Remove Activation/Renewal Fees on Oct. 15th

Is the $35 activation fee and renewal fee dead? It now appears that way as MobileSyrup reports TELUS is permanently eliminating the $35 activation fee on October 15th, along with the $25 renewal fees, as noted in an internal doc:

As we continue on our journey to put Customers First, TELUS introduces another significant improvement to the wireless customer experience.

Canadian wireless customers have long been charged activation fees by our carriers when signing new contracts and even charged when renewing terms. With our ‘Big 3’ carriers always acting in unison, you can bet Rogers and Bell will soon be responding with a similar announcement. Activation/renewal fees are about to go the way of the Dodo. Our carriers have frequently held ‘no activation fee’ promos in the past, so killing this fee would be great for consumers.

Earlier today, the CRTC reached out to Canadians for their input on what should be involved in creating a national wireless code. The elimination of these fees would be a great start.

Last June, TELUS was one of the first carriers to eliminate cancellation fees for easier upgrades.

Who’s happy about this?