Zapd 2.0 Release Adds Cool New Features [Review]

Yeah, that’s me in the race car

The first free website builder I ever used was Geocities, and Zapd by PressPlane Inc., has helped me make a more beautiful website than Geocities ever could.

Zapd is a unique way to share thoughts, links and photos, but you won’t be posting on walls or albums like other social sites. With Zapd you make a website called a Zap. And to make one, all you need to do is pick a theme (46 to choose from in the 2.0 release), then upload and share it. You can make as many Zaps as you want,  there is no limit to how large your Zaps can be and your Zaps can be viewed on any device.

The 2.0 release of Zapd adds a number of cool, and useful features. Feeds lets you explore featured Zaps, and follow people and their Zaps. Collaboration lets people post on your Zaps, if you allow them to (and vice versa). Also, the photo editor gives you a large number of tools to help make your photos look even better. Check out the Zapd 2.0 announcement video below for a run down on all the new features.

Find other people’s Zapds using the Features tap

I enjoyed using Zapd. My Zaps were easy to make, they look great and sharing them was easy. The new features in the 2.0 release makes Zapd a much more useful social tool. I believe collaborating on Zaps is a great way for families and friends to share photos from shared experiences, like concerts or road trips.  Also, the photo editor is really simple to use, but I had to edit photos individually, even though I was applying the same effect to each.

Though my Geocities Star Wars fan site is lost forever, you can check out my Zaps here. Then download Zapd here for free, and share your Zaps with us.

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