Apple Obtains Sales Ban on Some Samsung Galaxy Products in the Netherlands

Samsung’s Galaxy products sales have been banned in the Netherlands due to a violation of an Apple patent describing a way to scroll through a photo gallery using a touch screen, the Court of The Hague ruled today.

Apple vs. Samsung

The sales ban covers Samsung Galaxy products running Android 2.2.1 or higher and do not use the South Korean company’s custom photo gallery software, the ruling specifies. The above Samsung products violate an Apple patent that covers a way to scroll past the edge of a zoomed-in image. This allows the user to see a glimpse of the next in a series of images after which the initial image bounces back onto the screen.

Interesting, though, that Samsung hasn’t learned from its previous experience with this Apple patent: the company’s Galaxy S, S II and Ace devices were found to be violating the aforementioned Apple patent last year in the Netherlands, so the company initiated a workaround and stopped offering the products back in August 2011.

As a result, Samsung now has to disclose to Apple its profits it made from sales of infringing Galaxy device since June 27 2011, and if its products continue to violate this Apple patent, it has to pay a penalty of €100,000 ($129,000) for each day it violates the ban, the Court of The Hague ruled.

[Via Computerworld]