Samsung–Apple Dispute Latest: Samsung Must Disclose Sales Data

Bloomberg reports that Samsung must disclose its sales data as US Judge Lucy Koh rejected its bid to keep the data sealed in the US patent dispute with Apple.


Just last month, Judge Lucy Koh ruled that the South Korean manufacturer must file an exhibit which lists the total number of units of certain Samsung products sold within a well defined time frame. Samsung obviously sought to delay the implementation of Lucy Koh’s order until its appeal reached a verdict from the Federal Circuit court.

Koh, however, replied yesterday, saying, “Samsung’s appeal involves pricing information and profit margins.” The exhibit at issue “only lists the number of units sold in each of several recent months.”

Yet this isn’t a full victory for Apple: in a separate order, Koh allowed Samsung to keep a part of a document showing per-unit operating profit for two Samsung handsets away from the eyes of Apple’s lawyers, at least for a while.

Apple was awarded $1 billion in damages after a jury found that Samsung had been violating six Apple patents, but the Cupertino company is now awaiting Koh’s decision to add more damages. Meanwhile, it lost its bid to block 26 Samsung devices in the US. “Apple failed to establish that consumer demand for Samsung products was driven by technology it stole,” Koh ruled.