Temple Run 2 Surpasses 20 Million Downloads in 4 Days

Temple Run 2 was released just five days ago and quickly vaulted into the number one spot in the App Store. Imangi Studios released Temple Run 2 under the freemium model which they admitted was a better model compared to a paid download.

Today, the company has announced the app has exceeded over 20 million downloads in just four days, with 6 million downloads taking place on its launch day alone:

“The response from fans has been overwhelming,” says Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi. “We are thrilled players want more of the Temple Run universe, and we hope to grow and expand the game over the coming months.”

In under one week, Temple Run 2 has accumulated over 210 million sessions, which garners a combined time of over 1,775 years of gameplay.

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The original Temple Run has been downloaded over 170 million times across the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Marketplace. With the Android version of Temple Run 2 coming this week, we expect the original record to be easily smashed by its successor.