CRTC Wants You to Comment on the Draft Wireless Code

The CRTC has announced its draft wireless code has been completed and invites Canadians to share their input on this first draft. Back in November, the CRTC invited Canadians to share their input in creating the first wireless code draft.

The draft wireless code today aims to introduce:

  • A clearer understanding of their wireless services and fees.
  • The ability to unlock cellphones on reasonable terms.
  • The ability to set a cap on additional fees, such as those incurred from long-distance calls, usage of voice minutes, text messages, data usage and roaming.
  • Online tools to monitor usage and any additional fees.

The entire code can be viewed here (PDF).

“I would like to thank Canadians for having shared their candid views on wireless services,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC. “The draft code is still very much a work in progress and intended to encourage more discussion. We are inviting Canadians to participate by telling us what they think of the working document. Once finalized, the wireless code will enable them to make informed decisions in a competitive marketplace.”

Back in December it was noted only a tiny fraction of wireless users provided feedback. If you want to see wireless changes implemented you should go give your two cents.

Many Canadians want wireless contracts to shift down from three to two years, which we’ve already started to see in iPhone offers from TELUS. Other relevant issues include fair unlocking policies, which the draft wireless code states providers must provide options within 30 days of service.

The online discussion is open as of today. You can speak your mind on the draft wireless code by visiting here, which will be open until February 15th, 2013.

This online input is part of a proceeding that will include a public hearing from February 11 to 15, 2013, in Gatineau. The CRTC says this will be the first time Canadians will be able to listen to live audio of the hearing and comment ask it progresses.

YouTube video

What part of the wireless code do you agree or disagree with?

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