Ridiculous Fishing, Serious Fun [Review]

Imagine fishing from your boat in the middle of a lake, then when you feel a tug on the line, you reel in your catch, and pull your fish into the air. However, instead of reaching for your net to catch the fish, you grab your shotgun or Uzi, and turn it into a rain of chum. This is Ridiculous Fishing.

Catch Fish

Catch Fish

Then blast them into chum

Then Shoot Fish

Actually, there is a bit more depth to Ridiculous Fishing. Your goal (until you unlock endless mode) is to reach the bottom of the lake, however once your lure touches a fish, it starts rising towards the surface. So you need to tilt your iPhone to move the lure, and dodge fish. Once the first fish is caught, the game changes from dodging fish, to collecting as many fish as you can, as each fish you blast into chum earns you cash to buy items at the store.

You are going to want to collect and blast as many fish as you can, because most of the items at the store are really helpful. For example, you can buy a chain saw lure to cut through most fish, then buy upgrades that increase its fuel capacity, and speed of decent.


What I like most about Ridiculous Fishing is all the fish. All 66 are beautifully drawn, and finding the ones I haven’t caught yet entices me to keep playing. Also, I really enjoy the challenge of dodging the jelly fish, which reduce my income when I shoot or chain saw lure them, and finding and collecting the fish that give me the most money. The one thing that bothers me is the absence of an iCloud save. This means that even though Ridiculous Fishing is an Universal App, I can’t play the same save on both my iPhone and iPad.

That aside, if you want a fun, addictive, and high quality game, you can buy Ridiculous Fishing for $2.99 from the App Store here. Then, let us know what your weapon of choice is.