1Password for iOS 4.2 Update Brings Improvement to 1Browser, Sharing and Search

1Password for iOS, the password management application signed by AgileBits released version 4.2, enhancing the popular app with 1Browser features, search and sharing updates and other improvements.


The update brings Strong Password Generator to the 1Browser on iPad, as well as Go&Fill Bookmarks alongside the AutoSubmit option after using AutoFill for a Login. The company also hints to a future update that will include the aforementioned enhancements for iPhone users as well.

As the developers point out, sharing has been improved: you can now share 1Password items from Vault Mode though iMessage and email, but the search has received an upgrade as well.

Here is the full 1Password for iOS 4.2 changelog:


• Added Go and Fill bookmarks in the 1Browser on iPad.
• Added the ability to use the Strong Password Generator in the 1Browser on iPad.
• Added the ability to auto-submit on login filling.
• Added fill animations to make it easy (and fun) to see where fields are filled.
• Added Copy to Clipboard in the Share menu to copy the current URL to the clipboard.
• Closing the last tab will now direct you back to vault mode.

1Browser Settings

• Added 1Browser settings menu at Settings-> 1Browser.
• Added the ability to adjust auto-submit and fill-animation defaults.
• Added the ability to clear the Web Data (eg. Cookies) from the 1Browser.


• Added the ability to share items through Messages or email.
• Shared items include a special ‘Add to 1Password’ link which allows you to directly add them to 1Password.


• Added the ability to expand search results across all fields.
• Search results now includes the primary URL of the item.


• 1PasswordAnywhere (1Password.html) will now display custom fields.
• 1Password will prompt to open in the web view when launching 1Password with a URL in your clipboard.
• Improved translations and the addition of Greek.
• Improvements to Dropbox syncing.
• Many bug fixes and improvements.

Download 1Password for iOS $17.99 [App Store Link]