Foursquare for iOS Update Brings Ability to Check-In your Friends

Today Foursquare announced an update to its popular app which brings a great new feature: you can check your friend in when you are spending time together. Instead of spending time using your iPhone to check in and mention who you are with, you can use this new feature.


This doesn’t mean though that you can check in your friend without him wanting to. When choosing the name of your friend next time when you check in, he/she will receive a notification asking for permission to let you check he/her in. As soon as they grant access they will be checked in. If they deny permission, you can still mention them as usual.

If you don’t want to be checked in or don’t want to receive all the notifications every time one of your friends checks you in, there is a delete button for that.

Have you downloaded Foursquare yet? If not, download it now. It’s free! [App Store link]