AppleCare 24/7 Online Chat Rumoured to Launch Soon

9to5Mac reports that Apple is planning to revamp its AppleCare support service on Monday, August 12. The new, improved service comes with 24/7 support chat.

Although the target date is subject to change, the rumoured changes are welcome: if you have any questions or issues at any time of the day, you will be able to get an answer. And it applies to both iDevices and Mac computers.

applecare 24:7

The enhanced AppleCare service with 24/7 support chat will launch alongside a redesigned AppleCare support website, in line with the design changes we’ve seen recently on Apple’s online store. We can only assume that the rollout will be limited to the US at launch.

The interface has been retooled with large, easy-to-understand controls that are more in line with the colorful icons in iOS. The new design makes it simpler for users to drill-down and provide Apple with information about the issue. The image above and the two below were sent in by a source.

The new interface is critical for Apple’s new customers that are familiar with the way that iPads and iPhones work, but not Mac computers. The new web experience is said to also be more focused on quickly connecting a customer to AppleCare. The current and previous versions of the AppleCare web support tool have put a focus on providing customers with support articles before connecting to an employee.

Also, if the new web support will be successful, Apple is looking at launching a similar program for phone support.

The change was expected to come as a result of the company’s effort to improve its services. heard back in May that major changes were coming to AppleCare, with the rollout targeting the United States first, and then to go international later. The same source said that Apple plans to change the way iPhone repairs are handled, with the company planning to boost its in-store repairs by expanding current repair capabilities with display, cameras, sleep/wake button, and logic board replacements.