Apple Rumoured to Set Up Development Center in Taiwan

Taiwanese sources told VR-Zone that Apple is planning to open a research and development center in Taiwan to work on next generation iPhone development (via BGR).

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There is no visible job posting on Apple’s website; the hiring process will start in September. Until then, the company is looking, by word of mouth, for experienced and junior-level engineers as well as junior and senior levels of management, the site speculates.

According to Chinese whispers, Apple is currently recruiting the following positions in Taiwan: Hardware Development Engineers (areas of expertise: audio, camera, sensors, power, analog, touch, RF, antenna, battery), Panel Process & Optics Engineers, Product Development Engineers, Product Development Engineer, Mechanical Engineers – Product Displays, Materials Technical Program Managers, Test Engineers, Software QA, Reliability Engineers, Product Safety Engineer – PD, Firmware Engineers, Engineering Program Managers.

A Taiwan R&D center could make sense in the light of the Apple-TSMC partnership and would bring the benefits of cheaper talent that could work together with the company’s new supplier.

In addition to the research and development center, another source whispered to VR-Zone that Apple will open an additional service center in Taiwan. The above rumours haven’t yet been confirmed by Apple. The company has