Samsung Says Ready to Copy Apple, Introduce 64-bit Chips in Galaxy Line

64-bit processor

Apple has announced the most forward-thinking smartphone, the iPhone 5s, which is the world’s first handset to include a 64-bit processor. This means two things: the iPhone has gained much more power, and secondly, the copycats have done their homework, and we are going to see some 64-bit smartphone processor announcements soon.

The first one is a given, while the second isn’t far behind: speaking with the Korea Times (via The Next Web), Samsung’s mobile business chief said the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy–branded smartphones will be more powerful and faster thanks to their 64-bit processing capacity.

“Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality,” Shin said, adding he followed the media coverage of Apple’s new iPhone.

The announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise: there is an ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung, with the latter copying Apple’s most successful products (smartphones and tablets). On the top of that, Samsung was also sued recently over failing to make an original vacuum cleaner (see Dyson lawsuit).

What do you think about the Samsung announcement?