Bell’s Unlocking Policy Changes, Now $50 for your iPhone [DETAILS]

Bell has launched a new two-tier unlocking policy which has gone live as of September 16. First noted over at Howard Forums, the price to unlock a cellphone or smartphone has dropped from $75 to now $50, after 90 days. But the policy also changes for those with accounts with credit deposits or spending caps–it’ll cost you $150 after 90 days.

To summarize the new unlocking policy:

  • If you own a subsidized Bell phone, must be 90 days into term to unlock and pay $50
  • If you own a phone on prepaid, outright, or have a Bell employee account you can unlock immediately for $50
  • If you have a credit limit or restriction on your account (i.e. paid a deposit or have an existing spending cap), you wait 90 days and pay $150 to unlock, regardless of how you purchased your phone
  • Applies to all Bell phones, iPhone, turbo sticks, hubs and iPads. Tablets and hotspots can’t be unlocked.
  • Effective as of September 16, 2013
If you own a Bell iPhone, as long as you are 90 days into your term, you can now call in and get your phone unlocked for $50 (if the customer service rep has no idea about this policy, hang up and call again).
You will be instructed to restore your iPhone within iTunes for the unlock to work, however one Howard Forums member just put in a different carrier SIM card and the phone unlocked, saving time.

The policy was seen earlier by iPhoneinCanada reader @acerace113:

Rogers currently charges $50 to unlock after 90 days, while TELUS is $35 after the same timeframe. Let us know if you’re able to get your iPhone unlocked with this new policy!

Thanks jabohn