Unlocked iPhone 5c Pre-Order Shipments Underway in Canada

Apple has started to ship unlocked iPhone 5c orders across Canada, with most having estimated delivery dates between 9/20-9/24, setting expectations arrivals might not be in time for Friday’s launch. As for iPhone 5c case orders, estimated delivery according to our tracking shows four more days.

iPhone 5c pre-orders are being handled by FedEx:

Screen Shot 2013 09 19 at 9 04 54 AM

iPhone 5c pre-orders did not ship from China, rather from Middletown, Pennsylvania. Our order is currently in Calgary, Alberta.

Screen Shot 2013 09 19 at 9 07 47 AM

Yesterday Apple’s website was updated to reflect initial iPhone 5c pre-order stock had sold out, as shipping availability moved to 3-5 business days (but have since been updated to 1-3 business days).

Where’s your unlocked iPhone 5c pre-order right now?

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