bubbli – Stand In A Place Where You Lived [Review]

When you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery you can take a few pictures or use bubbli to make a bubble (or photo-sphere) and capture every sight around you.

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You can make bubbles and share them with your Facebook friends

You won’t find capturing a decent bubble to be too difficult. You just stand and position your iPhone where you want the centre of the bubble to go, then slowly tilt your iPhone to capture the view above and below, while you also spin around in a circle (always keeping your iPhone at the centre of the bubble) to capture the view around you. As you’re spinning and tilting you’ll see your surroundings painted onto the screen, so you’ll know what you’ve already captured and where you still need to go. Then, if you want to share your bubbles you can connect with Facebook, share it as a webpage or embed it in a webpage.

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I see bubbli as a novel app. I’m going to take a few bubbles, show them off to a few friends and then be done with it. I like the idea of a bubble, but it’s not a convenient or an eloquent way to take or share with friends and family. I find taking a normal picture is much simpler and shows off a location just as well. Also, I had trouble making good bubbles. They were okay, but keeping my iPhone in one place while I walked around it while tilting it was difficult. All of my bubbles had tears and blurry spots.

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Learn how to make decent bubbles, then share them

If you occasionally find yourself in the middle of a beautiful scene and you want to try a new way to capture that moment you can download bubbli for free from the App Store. Then, let us know if you like making bubbles or if you’ll stick with traditional flat pictures.


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