Clumsy Ninja – So Alive And So Endearing [Review]

The Path of the Ninja is long, hard and filled with many, many bruises if you’re Clumsy Ninja.

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There are some useful tips on the loading screen and the high fives (or fours) after completing a training activity is a nice touch

Clumsy Ninja is like a Tamagotchi, except instead of feeding him and making sure he doesn’t die you help him train to become a ninja, so he can rescue his love interest Kira. Training is preformed through a number of activities (mini games), such as jumping on a trampoline or punching and kicking a rice bag. Completing activities earns you coins to buy training equipment and other items, as well as XP which levels up your ninja, earns him new belts and unlocks items to purchase. You’ll also have to wait for the equipment to be “repaired” after using it or you can spend gems to fix them immediately.

I’ve been having fun playing Clumsy Ninja. Partly because I find Clumsy Ninja to be so endearing and life-like. The way he moves and reacts looks so real to me and this makes it easy for me to like the clumsy little guy. Although,  I don’t like having to throw him around and through hoops to compete activities, because I feel like I’m bullying him – please be nice to Clumsy Ninja. That aside, being constantly fed challenges and rewards for completing them will keep me playing. I also think the variety of mini games is large enough that I won’t soon get tired of playing or want to spend any money to have an activity available to play.

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You can buy new outfits for Clumsy Ninja to wear and throw watermelons at him and watch him deflect them!

Clumsy Ninja is as endearing as it is fun to play and it’s free to download from the App Store, so you should definitely try it. Then, let us know if you like Clumsy Ninja and if you plan on helping him complete his ninja training.


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