Cut the Rope 2 – Familiar, yet Fresh and Fun [Review]

Om Nom is back with Cut the Rope 2 and he’s as hungry as ever. His new friends make this sequel stand apart from the original, because they add fun new mechanics to the puzzles.

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Help Om Nom get his candy back while exploring the new mechanics

If you have played Cut the Rope, the sequel will be familiar and yet fresh with the addition of the five new characters. One of them is an orange fly that can grab, carry and drop Om Nom or candies. Another is a purple guy with a spring on his head that tosses Om Nom or candies. Most levels contain at least one of these new characters and you’ll also find some familiar objects like balloons and candy magnets. There are also some power-ups like balloons that you can bring into any level and you can buy them through an in-app purchase. You can also buy hats for Om Nom to wear, along with different candies and swipe animations.

I really enjoyed playing Cut the Rope 2. I liked the new characters and the puzzles were challenging, but always fun. I especially enjoyed watching and hearing the blue rectangular guy multiply, because he makes a very entertaining noise. Also, I liked the option of using the power-ups and I’m glad that I didn’t need to use one to get 3 stars in a level.

I needed to use a few balloons to collect clovers, which allowed me to unlock bonus levels. I also needed to use balloons to complete some bonus challenges (medals), such as collecting no stars and not cutting any ropes in a level. However, I didn’t need to collect the clovers or complete the bonus challenges to finish the game.

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It will take you many hours collect every star and clover, and complete every achievement and challenge

If you’re looking for a puzzle game to enjoy over the holidays, look no further than Cut the Rope 2. You can download Cut the Rope 2 for $0.99 from the App Store. Then, tell us which of the new characters you liked most.


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