iOS 8 Healthbook App Concept With Passbook Style Cards [IMAGES]

According to various reports, Apple is planning to make a move into the mobile fitness industry in 2014, with its iWatch and Healthbook app, which is said to take design cues from Apple’s own Passbook app.

Today, designer Carlos Quijano has released a concept design of Healthbook for iOS 8, featuring, among other ideas, integration with the iWatch. The design shows your daily activity, personal notes, diet information, health status, and a list of medications the user is required to take during the day (if they have any).

Here are a few images showing Quijano’s Passbook-inspired concept design of what the Healthbook app will look like on iOS 8.


The information collected by the app includes distance travelled, calories burned, calories eaten, heart rate, blood pressure, and hydration level. In theory, the concept is an incredible idea, but being able to implement all the sensors required to accurately measure all the above statistics, including blood pressure and hydration level, may still be a while away.

With the recent acquisition of multiple health and fitness experts, including Roy Raymann, former sleep research expert from Philips and Ravi Narashamian an expert in biosensors, Apple seems to be moving in the direction of mobile health and fitness tracking devices.

iOS 8 along with the Healthbook app is expected to be previewed at Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference in June, while the “iWatch” and new models of the iPhone are expected to debut in the second half of the year.

[via Behance]