iTunes Radio Now No. 3 US Streaming Service and Heading for No. 2

It took only six months for iTunes Radio to become the third-most-popular music streaming service in the US, leaving Spotify and Google Play All access behind, according to an Edison annual radio report spotted by Electronista.

While Pandora is the most popular music streaming service with 31% market share, Apple’s growth in the market is noteworthy. According to the Edison report, after 14 years of market presence, Pandora currently has 70 million active listeners. This is followed by iHeartRadio with 9% of market share – around 21 million listeners – and in third place, iTunes Radio with an estimated 20 million active listeners.

Itunes radio edison
If Apple’s music streaming service continues to grow at this pace, it will take the No. 2 position by the end of this year, Edison predicts. iTunes Radio is currently available in the US and Australia, but Apple is preparing to add Canada, the UK and new Zealand shortly to the list of supported countries.

This spells trouble for Spotify, Electronista reports, because the latter is bigger than iTunes in Europe.