New Image of iPhone 6 Manufacturing Mold Suggests 4.7-inch Display

Yesterday, for the second time, iPhone 6 production details were leaked directly from Apple’s assembly partner, Foxconn. A new photo shared by Nowhereelse claims to shed light on the size of the body the mold would hold, with the help of an iPhone 4S handset placed near the mold.

IPhone 6 Dimensions nwe

According to their hypothetical calculations, the leaked mold would yield an iPhone with a 4.7-inch display, which is in line with previous rumours about the smaller-sized, bigger-screen iPhone 6.

So what the French bloggers did is to take into consideration the widest part of the mold depression. To obtain a theoretical size of the widest part of the mold depression, they superimposed and resized an iPhone 5s image. The result is quite interesting: the largest dimensions are 138 mm long and 64 mm wide.

And now comes the twist: assuming that this theoretical measurement is correct, the measures the diagonal of the screen and they obtained 12 cm, which is exactly 4.72 inches, as rumoured.

It is worth mentioning two things: (1) these measurements are theoretical and (2) the smallest part of the mold depression gives exactly the size of the iPhone 5s, which is 4.87 × 2.31 inches or 123.8 mm x 58.6 mm.