Apple Rumoured to Be Behind Brightflash Trademarking iWatch Name

Iwatch c concept1

Rumours of the forthcoming iWatch had disappeared recently, but here is something that suggests Apple is getting ready to roll out a wearable computing device called “iWatch”: the iPhone maker may have set up a shell company in Delaware with the aim of registering the iWatch trademark in multiple countries without attracting attention, reports MacRumors.

The news follows a previous report claiming Apple is broadening its company name to cover jewelry and watches, but this isn’t all, it seems: the company has filed for the iWatch trademark in multiple countries, including the US, using a shell company called Brightflash USA LLC.
Eric Slivka of MacRumors points to a couple of interesting “coincidences” to back up his claim. First, there is Brightflash’s timing of the iWatch trademark filing last year following Apple’s filing for the iWatch trademark in a handful of countries.

Brightflash corp listing

In addition, Brightflash is registered in Delaware, a location with business-friendly laws, but one thing that captures the attention is the legal link with Ecuador: Alejandro Ponce Martinez is the attorney that helped Apple with several trademark applications and signed the papers for the iWatch trademark in Ecuador.

Also, it is important to note here that while Apple has apparently stopped filing iWatch trademark applications, Brightflash hasn’t: the latter has started the registration procedure of the iWatch trademark in at least 50 countries across the globe, according to French site Consomac.

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