Apple vs Samsung Jurors Deliberating, Want Answers to These Questions

Apple vs Samsung2

After listening to more than 50 hours of testimony, the jury is now deliberating on the second round of the Apple vs. Samsung patent case. Still, after all those hours spent in court they have multiple questions, but they likely won’t get any answers.

Re/code’s Ina Fried shares a series of notes to the court sent by the deliberating jurors in which they are asking for more details on how the two parties chose the patents they are basing their case on. Also, they would like to know what Steve Jobs said to the directors when the iPhone maker decided to prosecute a case against Samsung. Was Google mentioned?

The jury also wants to know how the patents were chosen by Samsung and asked for Samsung’s reaction when it was informed about Apple’s point of view.

These questions will likely remain open, or at least they won’t get the answers the jury is looking for, because they were told to consider the evidence presented at trial and that they cannot seek any new information.

But they could have eight copies of the jury verdict form “for reference,” as requested in a jury note.

Jury Notes From Apple v Samsung:

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