Samsung to Challenge Jury’s $120 Million Damages Award to Apple

The jury has awarded only a fraction of Apple’s $2 billion damages claim — $120 million, adjusted yesterday to $124 million — but Samsung will appeal and ask the trial judge to reduce the damages awarded to zero, a lawyer of the South Korean smartphone manufacturer told Bloomberg.

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“Of course we’re pleased that the jury awarded Apple 6 percent of what they were asking for,” Quinn said in the statement. “But even that can’t stand, because Apple kept out all the real world evidence and didn’t produce anything to substitute for it, so you have a verdict that’s unsupported by evidence -– and that’s just one of its problems.”

While Apple refused to comment on Samsung’s next move — which was expected, by the way — Kristin Huguet, a spokeswoman for the iPhone maker, said earlier that the jury’s verdict “reinforces what courts around the world have found: that Samsung willfully stole our ideas and copied our products.”

The two companies have been fighting in courts on four continents. Apple scored a major victory against the South Korean competitor — and its supplier — in the first California trial, when it was awarded $930 million in damages. In the second trial, Apple claimed 10 Samsung devices infringe on five of its patents.

After nearly a month spent in the courtroom seeing evidences from both parties, the jury of four women and four men found that that Samsung infringes on three of Apple’s patents and the iPhone maker infringes on two Samsung patents, respectively.