Fido Home Phone Now Includes Call Waiting, Call Forwarding for $10/month

For existing Fido Home Phone users, the company has updated its $10/month plan to include call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling, which previously was a $2/month add-on.

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Rogers and Fido launched their wireless home phone service last July. Customers must purchase a Wireless Home Phone unit, which their existing phone line plugs into. Features include unlimited Canada-wide minutes, call display and voicemail and no term. The unit has as SIM-card inside so as long as it has AC power and you’re within Rogers/Fido coverage, you’ll have a phone line to use.

The $10/month plan is for existing Rogers and Fido customers only. You should call in today and switch to the updated plan which now includes call waiting/forwarding and conference calling. It’ll save you an extra $24/year by doing so!

According to the fine print: Offer ends August 7, 2014 (in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Atlantic Canada), subject to change without notice.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

[via RFD]