Get 1 Year of Backblaze Online Unlimited Backup for Mac/PC for 50% Off [Deals]

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If you have been contemplating an offsite backup solution for your data, check out the following offer for Backblaze in our Deals Store. You can get a 1 year subscription which offers unlimited online backups for your Mac/PC for 50% off at $24.99 (normally $50).

If you have Time Machine as a local backup, that’s not enough nowadays. What if your house burns down or your external hard drive gets stolen? All of those precious memories, such as pictures of your first baby will be gone in seconds.

That’s why these offsite online backups are so popular nowadays. Backblaze is one of the industry leaders along with other similar companies like CrashPlan for offsite backups. The service is also critically acclaimed by some of the most influential tech reviewers on the internet:

  • “You will sleep so much better knowing you have Backblaze.” – John Gruber, DaringFireball
  • “I’ve used other online backups, Backblaze is my favourite.” – Marco Arment, InstaPaper
  • “I like and can recommend Backblaze.” – Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal


  • Unlimited Online Data Backup for Mac or PC
  • Automatic & Continuous Backup of All Data and External Hard Drives
  • Restore & Access Files From The Web, iPhone, or a Flash/Hard Drive Sent via FedEx

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Last April Backblaze released an iPhone app to allow you to access your backed up files from anywhere. This deal is good for new customers only and you’ll get an instant digital download.

Click here to jump on the 50% off Backblaze offer while it’s still available for one more day.

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