New Images Show Alleged iPhone 6 Shell with Cut Out Apple Logo [PICS]

In late May images were posted by Australia’s Macfixit which claimed to be the iPhone 6 rear cover. This image showed off a shell which looked to be covered in green plastic wrap but also a cut out where the Apple logo was.

Now, French site has posted more images of what appear to be this same gold coloured shell—minus the green factory plastic wrap—but also showing different views of the sides. Check them out below:

Boitier iPhone 6 Back

Boitier iPhone 6 Front

Boitier iPhone 6 Side2

Boitier iPhone 6 Side1

These images show the similar iPhone 6 physical dummy unit that has been making its way around the interwebs but the most interesting feature is the cut out Apple logo. If this cut out Apple logo were to make its way into a final product, the idea of having a lit up logo—maybe for notifications—would look pretty cool, like this iPhone 4 mod from 2011 (of course there would be battery drain concerns):

Of course this shell could be an elaborate fake—the images posted include the logo of ‘Xiao Long Tea House’ which makes us believe it was made to go viral and help advertise the tea shop.