Vodafone Netherlands CEO Hints iPhone 6 to Support LTE Advanced

Apple’s next-generation iPhone will likely support the high-speed LTE-A standard, a much faster technology offering speeds of more than 200Mbps. The hint comes directly from Vodafone Netherlands’ CEO Rob Shuter, who spoke at a press conference in Amsterdam announcing the carrier’s plans to deploy LTE-A in more than fifty cities as early as this fall — right in time for the iPhone 6 launch (via iPhoneclub.nl).

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While Shuter doesn’t mention Apple or the iPhone, he does mention “our friends from California” who will release some wonderful handsets in the coming months. Here is what he said:

We need cat [category] 6 handsets to come out. And of course from our friends in California, I’m sure, are gonna be some wooonderful handsets coming out in the coming months. We wanna make sure our network is ready for that.

Before the launch of the iPhone 5s, rumours surfaced about the handset gaining support for LTE Advanced, but ultimately Apple skipped this one. As the iFixit tear-down revealed, the iPhone 5s did have an improved LTE transceiver, but that didn’t enable support for the much faster LTE+ network.

The Samsung Galaxy S5, however, does support LTE Advanced, but Apple certainly isn’t behind when it comes to support for such network speeds as carriers have begun to roll out LTE Advanced networks.