Purported Image Leaks of iPhone 6 Touch ID [PIC]

Rumours of the forthcoming iPhone 6 gained credence recently: after seeing tons of rear shell and front panel photos, here are the first images purporting to show the iPhone 6’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

IP6 TouchID 1

The images were posted by the Japanese Weekdly Ascii blog and spotted by French Nowhereelse. As you can see from the image above the component is similar to the Touch ID used with the iPhone 5s-although the threads have been relocated.

20140716S 2293806 cs1e1 480x

The first batch of fingerprint sensors have been shipped by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, sources claim. What we’ve heard so far about the fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 6 is that TSMC will utilize the same 8-inch processing, and that these sensors will be more durable than the ones found in the iPhone 5s.

Apple is expected to add the fingerprint sensor technology to the iPad line this year, which means higher shipments. Incidentally, TSMC has today reported a 17.4% increase in revenue on a year-over-year basis for the second quarter.